Working on new songs ...

After collecting and rearranging new song-ideas, we started to "pre-record" the first two songs*. The idea is to structurize the initial ideas of our new songs and gradually refine them during the next rehearsals. It's some sort of "record a new album while we play"-approach in order to capture real-emotions and life-feeling in our snew songs.

* Looping lies
* My ocean


Space Mushroom / Weltraumpilz

"Weltraumpilz" is the very first word that came to our mind when this song evolved. Translated it means "Space Mushroom".
On the day of the original recording, it was so incredibly hot outside, that the drum laptop overheated and started to have dropouts. It produces a noticeably broken rhythm at the end.


Depends on the situation

The original working title suggested by Zelli was "belongs to the situation", but since that's probably not correct English, we've changed it to "depends on the situation".

It's one of the rare occasions where I agreed to use cymbals. :)

There are several versions for you to enjoy.


You and me

It started out as a "what about a jungle rhythm?" experiment, and drifted away into ... well... into what it is now. :)
There are several versions for you to enjoy.


Studio & Recording Logbook

Studio & Recording Diary

During a break for recording (like this), I'm of the opinion that it might be interesting for you to know, whats going on with XBloome in the meantime.
As a result I will report about our work, because so much creative, logistic and technical challenges take place in the background, that range from the new recording program, new multi-track mixer, new sounds (more tell me on the site yet ...) to the design of CD cover.

This logbook should give you an insight into the genesis of our new album.

We will try keep you informed in this way.

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