Video shoot by ViennaCC this week

This week we had a video shoot taken by "ViennaCC"!

In his blog you can read a short story about it and also see two pictures from us. The video will be online within the next days ...



The Game (EP "White") @ Radio Orphans Podcast (Minnesota / US)

"Radio Orphans Podcast is dedicated to bringing you original independent music from around the world. For your listening pleasure."


05/24/2013 & 05/25/2013 : XBloome @ Freies Radio Salzkammergut (12bdiscovered)

05/24/2013: 21:00
05/25/2013: 17:00



Thanks to Oliver Walenta from "Freies Radio Salzkammergut"!


2 songs from our new EP online!

You can check out this songs here:

The whole EP will be available as free download after our release-show -> 05/11/2013!

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