Pics from our show @ Klub Ost (Fête de la FrancOFFonie) are online!!

Thanks to the organisation of "Fête de la FrancOFFonie" which invited us to play at their party. It was a nice evening and a pleasure for us to play in front of this *partypeople* audience! :)

(Click on the picture to join the gallery ...)


Today, 03/13/2012 - listen to the radio

Today, 03/13/2012 --> Hannes, our keyboard player - aka Mr. Korg - is hosting a radio show (08:00 pm - 10:00 pm) at "Radio Ypsilon". You can listen to the radio and use the chat here:


The last hint ...

What do you think is the purpose of these pictures?
As soon as someone finds a correct answer, we'll show you more...


Here comes the next hint ...

...! So, do you have an idea what this will be? :)

If not, stay tuned!


Something will happen ...

This is the first hint ... you'll get another one within the next days, so: stay tuned!!

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