06/08/2012 - Airplay @ OneWaveRadio

This Friday 06/08/2012 you can hear us at OneWaveRadio (MyBand.tv Newcomershow) between 20:00 - 22:00 o'clock. If you like listen to the show click the link: http://onewaveradio.radio.de/popout.jsp


CTGMUSIC-Charts (Cosmic Boy = Nr. 1 - 06/02/2012)

Our song "Cosmic Boy" is Nr. 1 at the daily song charts (Genre: Trip-Hop) @ CTGMUSIC! :)


"Cosmic Boy" @ Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag (Podcast)

Our new song "Cosmic Boy" has been played in a podcast "Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag": http://michaelangel.podomatic.com (here you can hear the whole podcast)


XBloome -> Newcomer @ BANDCAFE!

NEWCOMER of the Week! "XBloome" aus Wien



Thanks for your support - we like it! :)

Lovely greetings, XBloome


NEW Video & Single online

After our video presentation at WUK Statt-Beisl (Vienna) - some days ago - we proudly present our NEW video "Cosmic Boy"! :)

Check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pglOboE0caM

The Single "Cosmic Boy" you can also download here: http://www.xbloome.com/drupal/album/cosmic_boy

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