Behind the scenes...

Just like any other band out there, we stumble across several things in our daily struggle to create and share our music.
Often, we encounter tricky situations where we figure out a way to make things work, or find out interesting things about all kinds of topics involved when having a band.

We'd like to share some of that knowledge and experience with others, in the hope to spare others some time to find it out the hard way, or simply to document how we did it, in case we forget ourselves. ;)

The menu selection above represents a list of topics and articles we'd like to share information about, so you can get a feeling of what to encounter on our "Behind the scenes" (a.k.a "Making of") pages. Many of the musical parts are focused on electronic music, because in contrast to electronic music "howto" information about classical guitar-bass-drum bands can be found in plethora somewhere else on the web.

Feel free to comment those articles or write us feedback!

Enjoy. :)